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Customer-preferred convenience

Accept the payment methods your customers prefer.
Digital wallets are easy, fast—and already popular with today’s shoppers.

Digital wallets store customers’ payment and personal information on an app or browser for quick payments—in-person, online or on the go. Customers pay effortlessly with just a scan, tap or click.

Digital wallets are mainstream

By next year, global digital wallet sales will make up

Create a better payment experience

Eliminate friction at checkout for a better, more satisfying experience that benefits your business.

Reduce cart abandonment

Shorten checkout times

Increase loyalty

Drive revenue

Reach customers around the world or around the corner

We give you access to all the payment methods you need so that your customers can pay however they want—anywhere in the world.

Explore digital wallets by market

Multiple digital wallets. One powerful API.

Satisfy your customers’ payment preferences across all the markets and channels you serve. We make it easy to access the digital wallets you need through a single integration, using one API.

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