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Disputes don’t need to dominate your time. Simplify your dispute management process, reduce chargeback losses and enhance your customer experience with Disputes Management.

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Say goodbye to lost or delayed notifications. Receive, track and manage
customer transaction disputes from end to end—online, in real time.

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Reduce manual processes and improve your customer experience—at the same time. When you manage transaction disputes online, everybody wins.

Streamline your process

  • Address disputes in real time to resolve them more quickly.
  • Prioritise deadlines with queues showing the next steps for pending disputes.
  • Focus on what’s important—machine learning helps evaluate the win-lose probability of each dispute.

Stay informed and on schedule

  • Access disputes online—anywhere, anytime.
  • Get automated email or text notifications.
  • Download, upload and print case information.

Enhance your customer experience

  • Resolve disputes efficiently and accurately—and satisfy your customers.
  • Understand the reasons for your disputes so you can identify trends and solve underlying issues.

Your disputes.
Our API.

Get direct access to disputes data so you can view, manage and respond through your existing systems and platforms. Through our simple API, we give you the freedom to extract disputes data for use in your own reporting tools.

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Resolve disputes quickly—and minimise chargeback losses

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