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Payment Analytics uses payment data to analyse customers’ spending behaviour and turn them into streamlined—yet powerful—insights.

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With Payment Analytics, you get easy-to-understand, actionable insights that help you monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of your business and marketing strategies.

Measure and maximise your ROI

  • Track your activities and their impact on business performance.
  • Easily see which strategies are working—and why.
  • Compare metrics across locations and sales channels.

Understand customer behaviour

  • Analyse new and returning customers’ buying behaviour to better understand performance.
  • Spot trends in spending and timing.
  • Discover what keeps customers returning—and target your promotion to drive growth.

Stay informed—and ahead

  • Take a glance at top-level trends, or drill down into the details.
  • Use weekly alerts and summaries to stay up to date on sales hits and dips.

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Keep on top of your money and your business. From payment reporting to advanced analytics—we’ve got all the tools to run and grow your business.

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