Send a link, get paid
—wherever you
do business

Our simple and secure PayLink solution lets you instantly
create links and QR codes to share with your
customers and receive payments.

Get paid easily

With PayLink, quickly generate a custom link, share it through any channel, and your
customers can pay how they want.

Turn any channel into a checkout

  • Email
  • SMS
  • Social media
  • AirDrop
  • Messaging platforms
  • Over the phone
  • In person

Let your customers pay by link

Get paid faster. Reduce fraud. Save payment acceptance costs. All without a website.

Grow your business with Pay by Link

Your customers are everywhere–now you can be too. With Pay by Link, you can sell in your current channels or cast a wider net and easily expand into new ones.

Designed with security in mind

Payments are verified with Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), helping you and your customers to feel secure in every transaction.

One solution. Infinite possibilities.

With payment links that can be shared anywhere, the sky’s the limit on what you can create.

  • In store: Email or text to your customer’s mobile device or provide a scannable QR code
  • Social media: Embed in social posts or messaging platforms
  • Through the mail: Add QR codes to your mailers
  • Over the phone: Send via text or messenger
  • Invoice: Include your link on statements

Enhance the customer experience

  • Accept all major payment methods
  • Set up one-click checkout
  • Create notifications to remind a customer when their payment is due

Expand your reach

  • Embed links into your ecommerce ‘buy button’
  • Create ads with PayLinks for social media platforms

Manage your links

  • Handle your merchandising, including product titles, SKUs, descriptions, pictures, and more
  • View and track orders, update settings, cancel payments, and even send receipts
  • Configure your payment links to stay active over a set period of time

Ready to grow your business with Pay by Link? Talk to our team of experts to get started.

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