This document, published in April 2024, sets out the Tax Strategy of the UK businesses of Global Payments Inc., including Global Payments U.K. Limited, Global Payments U.K. 2 Limited, Pay & Shop Limited (UK Branch), Storman Software Limited, The Active Network (EU) Limited, Total System Services Processing Europe Limited, TSYS Card Tech Limited, TSYS Managed Services EMEA Limited, TSYS International Management Limited, Merchant Warehouse (NI) Limited, Global Technology UK 1 Limited, Global Technology UK 2 Limited, Global Payments UK Holdings 1 Ltd, Global Payments UK Holdings 2 Ltd, Bleep (UK) PLC, GPUK LLP, Global Payments Europe s.r.o. (UK Permanent Establishment), Global Payments International Management LLC, Global Payments Acquisition UK Limited, Global Payments UK Financing Limited, EVO Payments UK Holdings Ltd., Anderson Zaks Limited, EVO Payments UK Ltd, EVO Payments International UK, Ltd, EVO Merchant Services UK 1 Ltd, EVO Merchant Services UK 2 Ltd, Como America - UK Limited, Como UK Limited (together "GP UK"). GP UK considers the publication of this tax strategy as complying with their duties to publish a tax strategy under paragraphs 22 and 25 of Schedule 19 of the Finance Act 2016 in the current financial year.

Management and Governance

GP UK endeavours to ensure compliance with UK tax laws and practice. This includes being committed to paying the correct amount of taxes owed in a timely manner, and continuously striving to be open and transparent in all relevant facts and circumstances with HM Revenue and Customs ("HMRC"). GP UK has systems and controls in place to identify, manage and monitor tax risks arising in the UK.

The Audit Committee of Global Payments Inc. has ultimate responsibility for this tax strategy.

Attitude to Tax Planning

Tax planning is limited to structuring GP UK’s affairs in a manner that is wholly consistent with both the letter and spirit of the law. This may mean claiming certain reliefs and incentives, where available and legally permissible. Any tax planning undertaken will have commercial and economic substance, and will take into account any potential impact on our brand or reputation. Further, we are committed to the arm's length standard in transfer pricing and OECD guidelines.

Level of Risk

GP UK has a low risk appetite. However, given the scale and geographic footprint of the Global Payments Inc.’s business, of which GP UK is a part, risks may inevitably arise from time to time in the UK in relation to the interpretation and application of tax laws, and the nature of our compliance arrangements. We proactively seek to identify, evaluate, manage and monitor these risks to ensure they remain in line with GP UK's risk appetite. In addition, we continuously monitor changes to UK tax laws and take advice, where appropriate, from external advisers to ensure ongoing compliance. Where there is significant uncertainty or complexity in relation to a material transaction the interpretation and application of the law, or an identified risk, external advice may be sought.

Interaction with HMRC

GP UK engages with HMRC on how it manages tax compliance risk across all relevant taxes and duties with transparency, honesty and integrity.

GP UK raises any significant compliance issues, irregularities and/or areas of uncertainty (for example, in interpretation of the law) with HMRC as they arise. GP UK endeavours to resolve any disputed matters through open and transparent discussions with HMRC.