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North America

Credit and debit cards are still the most used form of payment, but digital wallets are growing quickly in popularity.


Digital wallets are the preferred way to pay across Europe, followed by credit and debit cards. In certain countries, bank transfers are a significant percentage of transactions.

Latin and South America

Consumers are very likely to rely on local credit cards, but cash voucher payments are very popular across the region.

Asia Pacific

Digital wallets dominate (especially in China), with credit and debit cards a close second payment preference.

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Digital wallets

Digital wallets may contain multiple payment types: credit cards, debit cards, or bank account transfers. Wallets typically require customer verification (e.g., biometrics, SMS, passcode) to complete a payment.

Credit cards

Credit cards allow businesses to receive payment up front, while the consumer pays off the balance of the purchase to the card issuer over time.

Debit cards

Debit cards enable consumers to quickly pay for goods and services from their bank accounts, without the need to borrow money like a credit card.

Buy now, pay later

Buy now, pay later—a type of installment payment—lets customers break down the cost of a purchase into a series of payments over varying time periods.


With cryptocurrency, consumers pay for goods and services with blockchain-based digital currencies that are low-fraud, low-fee, and high-security.

Direct debit and bank transfer

Direct debits pull funds directly from a consumer’s bank account.

A bank transfer (a wire transfer or ACH payment) lets consumers make payments directly from their bank account into another bank account.

Prepaid cards and vouchers

Prepaid payment solutions let consumers load value onto a card or voucher—which they can then use to make purchases.

Cash voucher payments

For online purchases, consumers receive a scannable voucher with a transaction reference number. Then, they can bring the voucher to an ATM, bank, convenience store, or supermarket to complete the payment in cash.

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