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Every industry is different. So we’ve built complete, cloud-based solutions to suit specific verticals. Each one focused on simplifying commerce, and accelerating growth.

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Hospitality to restaurants. Retail to education. Every industry has its own needs. That's why we provide specialist expertise and industry-specific functionality, across hundreds of different verticals.

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  • Retail


    Deliver seamless omnichannel experiences with our connected payments and software solutions. Whatever the size of your business, we’ll help you grow.

    Our full-stack retail payment technology solution serves every channel from physical in-store POS to ecommerce and mobile.

    • Secure payment processing
    • Installment payments
    • Customer engagement software
    • Transaction analytics
    • International payments
    • ...and more


  • Restaurants

    Restaurants run smarter

    Online ordering. Curbside pickup. Deliveries. Multiple units. Whatever the scale or style of your operation, we have the complete solution for you.

    Deploy our Global Payments restaurant management solution quickly and easily, right out of the box. It gives you everything you need—and works as hard as you do.

    Future-proof your business and meet your customer preferences. All channels. All devices. Easy financial reconciliation, inventory management, timesheets, reporting, and more.


  • Financial services

    Financial services depend on us

    Outsource all of your technology to us, and we’ll run it for you. Or just ask us to handle specific functions.

    We’ll tailor a technology stack and partnership model that suits your needs—and adapts as they change. So you’re always ahead of the game.

    • Simplify your technology
    • Reduce compliance costs
    • Deliver a seamless customer experience

    Every year, around the world, we manage over 680 million issuing accounts, authenticating and processing over 24 billion transactions through our ecosystem.

    When you're ready, we're ready.

    Solutions for financial institutions

  • Education

    Innovating the student experience

    K-12 or higher education, we have the complete commerce solutions to run your school more smoothly.

    Colleges and universities choose our cloud-based software TouchNet. Offering end-to-end commerce and credential solutions, TouchNet is designed for the campus of tomorrow.

    K-12 schools run more smoothly with MySchoolBucks. Seamlessly manage payments for any and every school-related fee. Deliver a more cohesive payment experience for students, parents, and staff alike.

    Explore our education solutions

  • Nonprofit

    Reach your fundraising goals–faster

    More effective fundraising, online or offline. Our software solutions make giving simple. Whatever your cause, and however you fundraise.

    Simplify event management, and streamline processes like online payments and mobile bidding.

    Our experienced support team works with organizations and nonprofits—backed by robust technology:

    • Over 10,000 active clients
    • More than 50,000 events nationwide
    • Over $6 billion raised

    Explore our fundraising solutions for nonprofits

  • Hospitality

    Above and beyond hospitality

    Surprise and delight. That’s what delivering an exceptional guest experience is all about. We can help with customized commerce solutions for hospitality businesses.

    Improve speed and efficiency during guest check-in and check-out with a smooth payment experience.

    • Accept 140+ payment types
    • Let guests select their preferred currency in real time
    • Guests can easily pay for on-premise dining at the counter, at the table, or in their room

    On the back-end, we consolidate reporting for all transactions to make reconciliation easier.

    Explore our hospitality payment solutions

  • Petroleum and c-store

    Pay at the pump and more

    Keep customers moving with fast and flexible payment solutions that make paying at the pump–and in your convenience store–a breeze.

    From EMV, to contactless, to in-store, mobile, and online. Gift and loyalty. We cover all your bases, and support your growth.

    It’s no wonder why our petroleum and convenience store solutions are trusted by the nation’s most recognized brands.

    Explore our petrol and c-store solutions

  • Healthcare

    Healthcare, optimized

    Hospitals. Health systems. Physician practices. Laboratories. Pharmaceutical manufacturers and wholesalers. Veterinarian clinics. Dental practices. Accepting payments is an important part of your business.

    Accept hundreds of payment types. In person and online. Make it easy for your patients to pay and provide a smooth payment experience every time.

    And our fully managed, cloud-based data and reporting platform helps you simplify admin so you can spend more time delivering quality care.

    Explore our healthcare solutions

  • Transportation

    Transportation solutions to keep it moving

    Passenger expectations are high. They’re counting on you to get them from here to there with ease.

    From the palm of their hand to the ticketing counter, online, and on board, passengers expect to pay their way. We offer speedy mobile connections through Bluetooth and 4G or 5G network technologies. Which means you can seamlessly take payments in-transit, or anywhere else.

    Explore our transportation solutions

  • Public Sector

    Public sector, meet better payments

    Efficiency matters. Especially when you’re juggling multiple priorities across government and public services. Improve your operations, cash flow, and your customers’ satisfaction with payments that just work better.

    We work with you to maximize payment acceptance. Let your customers pay any way they prefer. Seamlessly. In any channel–online, in-person, or via mobile.

    Our government experts are multilingual and ready to support your growth.

    Explore our solutions for the public sector

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