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Trusted by over 4.6 million companies, 1,500 financial institutions, and 4,000 tech partners in 100+ verticals

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A complete omnichannel experience, through a simple API. Optimized for today—ready for tomorrow. Whatever your scale, needs, and ambitions.

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The anywhere,
anytime API

With a simple integration, you can accept payments anywhere in the world, through any channel, on any device, whenever your customers want.

For now,
for the future

We’re always innovating—engineering solutions that put you ahead today, and keep you there tomorrow. Helping you thrive now, and grow for the future.

Expanding globally,
we’re already there

We can help accelerate your expansion into any one of over 100 countries. Our global payments infrastructure carries more than 66 billion transactions a year. Whatever you need, we’re ready.

Single solution or full omnichannel

Accept any customer payment, from anywhere in the world.

  • Online

  • Mobile

  • Point of sale

  • Integrated

Start selling online, in app, and over the phone

When you’re accepting online payments from around the world, experience matters. No one beats Global Payments for global expertise. It’s simple, secure—and you get paid fast.

Keep your business moving

Accept payments anytime, anywhere from our mobile payment terminals.

Cloud-based POS to power your business

Our POS solutions do more than accept payments. They also offer smart business operations to help you work even more efficiently.

Simple to set up, packed with innovative features, and backed by our expert support. This is POS—and a whole lot more.

APIs and SDKs for integration PDQ

Tell us your software solution, and we’ll help you integrate our payments technology. We’ve developed custom partnerships with the software vendors we work with—to bring you innovative, embedded solutions. Fast.

We’ll be your guide

We’re more than just technology. We’re people. We care about doing right by your business—now and whatever comes next.

With thousands of consultants and technology experts around the world, we can meet you wherever you are. We’ll find out what you need, your budget, the level of integration—everything that matters. Then we’ll deliver the products you need to get started fast, and grow the right way.

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Innovation is in our DNA

A 50-year history of building the future

Since 1967, we’ve been building industry-leading products to create a uniquely comprehensive suite of technologies and expertise—in payments and beyond.

Reliable and secure

Our highly scalable global infrastructure is built for security, and velocity. It proves its resilience in over 66 billion successful transactions every year. You—and your customers—can count on us.

Innovation that delivers

VW logo

“Volkswagen Financial Services have been using the services of Global Payments to manage online and in-branch payment for our new Rent-a-Car business. They have provided a professional service and have met our needs quickly and efficiently, and we are very happy with the quality of their products and services.”

Mark Forton
Mobility Services Director, Volkswagen

you can build on

Our data platform gives you quick, simple access to your Global Payments data—with all the business insights and analytics you need to turn knowledge into growth.

Explore customer transactional and purchasing data—gain insights across channels, markets, and the world. It’s all at your fingertips through our leading-edge, scalable analytics tool built on Google Cloud.

Merchant Portal

Access and manage all your activity, and get ready-made reports, through one cloud-based Merchant Portal.


Data and reporting APIs

We make it easy to integrate your existing systems and platforms with our data, as well as other tools and services.

Innovation for your industry

Whatever your sector, whatever your size, we’ve got the technology and advice to simplify processes and help you grow. With specialized expertise in over 100 industries, we’ve got the software and know-how you need.


Ecommerce-friendly restaurant solutions, delivered

When you’re known as a quick-service restaurant, speed is a given. But in recent years, increasing customer expectations have made it more difficult than ever to compete on convenience.

That’s why Pizzaville teamed up with Global Payments to create new online options for their customers to order and prepay online or through their app.

Not only did Pizzaville outpace their competition, they solidified their reputation as a company that can flex to meet the needs of their customers.

That’s innovation that delivers.

Read the full story
Pizzaville - Stone Baked Pizza

Get started: ask us how

Our engineers and technical experts are ready to get you set up for:

  • How do I get started?

    Patrick, Payment Solution Expert

    Easily drop in our hosted payment form to your site, or add our hosted payment fields to your checkout experience. Just personalize either to fit your brand. We’ll do the rest—and keep all the payment information secure.

    Check out our checkout solutions
  • Can you help me grow globally?

    Patrick, Payment Solution Expert

    From large markets like China, to remote corners of the world, you can access global selling opportunities. Accept all the payment methods your customers prefer, across 170+ countries and reduce costs with our 50+ domestic acquiring licenses.

    Learn more

  • How can I accept payments from international customers?

    Patrick, Payment Solution Expert

    Tap into our multi-currency processing and dynamic currency conversion capabilities to satisfy customers worldwide.

    • Sell and accept payments in 130+ currencies with multi-currency processing.
    • Give international customers the choice to pay in their currency—while selling in yours—with dynamic currency conversion.
  • How do I reduce the risk of fraud?

    Patrick, Payment Solution Expert

    Our online payments technology comes with security built in. Authenticate genuine customers and block fraudsters—in real-time. Our PCI DSS compliant hosted payment page is built in so you avoid the usual PCI overhead with API integration—without compromising on safety.

    Online Protection
  • What is unified payments?

    Jackson, Customer Relationship Manager

    Unified payments support your commerce channels through one platform, in real time. It delivers a seamless buying experience across your channels, locations, and devices—even if customers switch along the way.

    Learn about Unified Payments

  • How is Unified Payments different from omnichannel?

    Jackson, Customer Relationship Manager

    In an omnichannel model, you sell through various channels (like in-store, online, mobile, or social). These may be delivered through different solutions or tools, often from various partners.

    Unified Payments doesn’t just link different systems. It’s a single solution that delivers for your channels, regions, and devices. A single source of truth—providing clear, accurate cross-channel insights to help you deliver truly seamless experiences.

    Explore unified payments

  • How do we move from multiple payment partners and platforms to unified commerce?

    Jackson, Customer Relationship Manager

    Talk to us. Our experts will listen to your needs and objectives, and help you build a tailored consolidation plan.


  • What types of businesses use mobile terminals?

    Noriko, Payment Solution Expert

    Mobile terminals are a great solution for businesses that don’t have a complex offering or inventory—and want an affordable, mobile way to take payments. You can accept card payments, including credit and debit, wherever you are.

    Explore mobile POS 
  • How do I get started with a mobile POS?

    Noriko, Payment Solution Expert

    We make it a cinch to get up and running with our turnkey mobile payment terminal. Here's how.

    Mobile POS in minutes

    1. We provide you with the mobile payment terminal.
    2. Turn it on and you’re ready to go.
    3. There's no 3. It's that fast.
    Get Started
  • Can my customers pay how they like?

    Noriko, Payment Solution Expert

    We make paying easy. Our mobile terminals accept all the ways your customers want to pay. So you're covered for all the major payment types—including digital wallets, NFC contactless, and EMV.

    Learn more

  • How can it help me run my business?

    Noriko, Payment Solution Expert

    You can run your business anywhere. Get detailed transaction reports. It's in the palm of your hand.

    Explore Mobile POS

  • Are mobile terminals secure?

    Noriko, Payment Solution Expert

    Our mobile terminals have authentication and encryption built in, helping to protect you—and your customers—from fraud.

  • What are integrated payments?

    Devesh, Developer Evangelist

    With an integrated payment solution, businesses can accept payments directly within their existing software, saving time and eliminating human errors.

    LEARN about integrated payments
  • What’s a payment gateway API?

    Devesh, Developer Evangelist

    A payment gateway API connects a checkout system to a payment network. It’s an alternative to a hosted payment page—allowing your customer to complete the transaction while staying on your site to process the payment.

    Learn about payment gateway APIs
  • What payment functionality do I get from Global Payments?

    Devesh, Developer Evangelist

    Whatever your customers need, we've got it:

    Payment flows
    Whether you're accepting one-time payments, recurring payments or you're a marketplace, we can support you.

    All the payment methods your customers prefer
    Including debit and credit cards, ACH, gift cards, local currencies, digital wallets and more.

  • Which channels can you support payment acceptance in?

    Devesh, Developer Evangelist

    With us, accept payments in any commerce channel including in-person, online, mobile, smartwatch and omnichannel.

    Learn more
  • Are there payment solutions for my industry?

    Devesh, Developer Evangelist

    We are the experts in 70+ industries. Every year we process over 1 billion transactions for thousands of tech partners in virtually every industry.


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