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Solving your needs starts
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As our partner, you also get our expertise and advice. We listen carefully to your needs, helping you make the most of our solutions and build a successful go-to-market strategy.

All this from a leader in integrated payment solutions with expertise in 70+ vertical markets.

Your software.
Our payments.
One simple API.

One API is all you need to get our revenue-generating payments engine running seamlessly in your software solution.

  • Robust libraries
  • Prebuilt integrations
  • Omnichannel adaptability

Exceptional service for exceptional partners

For us, partnership means exactly that. It means we listen. We share ideas. We work together—and grow together.

We’ll work with you to integrate payments precisely, and define a go-to-market strategy that fits your customers’ needs—so you start generating revenue from day one.


Guiding your growth

Our team has over 30 years experience.
They’ll listen to you and guide you in developing the solutions your customers want and need.

Our engineers are standing by

Get moving quickly. We make it easy

We know about tight development deadlines. So we make it easy to get going, and keep going—fast.

Our APIs come
with all this and more

Address verification

Validates cardholder address details against a current
database, for added security.


All the payment types your customers need

Credit, digital wallets, cryptocurrency, bank transfer, prepay
vouchers or payout cards—let your customers choose from
all the payment types they prefer.


Go global with local currency acceptance

Your customers can accept payments in 130 currencies.
And they can tap into our dynamic currency conversion
and multi-currency processing to expand their reach
beyond borders.

Experts in 70+

Every year we process over 1 billion transactions for thousands of ISV partners with over 580,000 merchant customers in virtually every industry.

Security as standard

  • End-to-end encryption
  • Token vault and tokenization
  • EMV
  • Reduction of PA-DSS scope

Your questions, answered

  • What are integrated payments?

    Devesh, Developer Evangelist

    With an integrated payment solution, businesses can accept payments directly within their existing software, saving time, and eliminating human errors.

  • What’s a payment gateway API?

    Devesh, Developer Evangelist

    A payment gateway API connects a checkout system to a payment network. It is an alternative to a hosted payment page and allows your customer to complete the transaction while staying on your site to process the payment.

  • What payment functionality do I get from Global Payments?

    Devesh, Developer Evangelist

    Whatever your customers need, we’ve got it:

    All the payment methods your customers prefer
    Including debit and credit cards, ACH, gift cards, local currencies, digital wallets and more.

    Payment flows
    For single-time payments, recurring payments and marketplaces.

  • Which channels can you support payment acceptance in?

    Devesh, Developer Evangelist

    With us, you can accept payments in any commerce channel including in-person, online, mobile, smartwatch, and omnichannel.

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