Ecommerce-friendly restaurant solutions, delivered

When you’re known as a quick-service restaurant, speed is a given. But in recent years, increasing customer expectations have made it more difficult than ever to compete on flexibility and convenience.

That’s why Pizzaville, with more than 75 locations across Southern Ontario, teamed up with Global Payments to create new online options for their customers to order and prepay online or through their own app.

Founded in 1963, Pizzaville is a well-known regional quick-service restaurant (QSR) chain. Its competitive landscape is a crowded space, filled with third-party delivery aggregators placing even more pressure on traditional delivery options.

Ecommerce creates new opportunities

When looking for ecommerce capabilities, Pizzaville explored a number of options for prepayment. While most third-party providers work only on the back end of a website or app, Global Payments offers a payments gateway, letting Pizzaville accept payments seamlessly through their own channels.

“I’ve enjoyed working with our representative. She’s been incredibly helpful on everything from a franchisee having issues with settlements to helping us to integrate the prepayment solution into the back end of our online ordering system,” says Stephanie Contardi, marketing and promotional coordinator at Pizzaville. “I’ve had a fantastic experience working with her and her team.”

In advance, in-store or at the door

Global Payments introduced new restaurant payment solutions quickly and with minimal service interruptions.

“Global Payments wants to support Pizzaville’s business. Whether it’s a solution that they have, or one that they’re developing, they’re eager to collaborate and work together to offer us the solutions that we need to remain competitive,” says Contardi.

Rising to contactless challenges

Pizzaville now has the solutions in place that allow them to offer both contactless delivery and contactless pickup options. Because customers have the option to prepay, app usage has surged and has become a trusted option for customers who want a no-contact way to order.

This is what flexibility, adaptability and leading technology can deliver. All from Global Payments’ complete commerce ecosystem.