Fraud is everywhere.
We're here to help our customers

Every year, companies of every shape and size put over 66 billion transactions in our hands. It’s about trust.

The good, the bad—
and knowing the

Authenticate genuine customers and block fraudsters—in real-time. Our experts will guide you, and our technology makes it simple.

Seamless 3D
Secure 2

Keep customers, lose fraudsters

Build customer loyalty and maximize approval rates.
At the same time as blocking bad actors.

Protection without disruption

Give your customers the seamless experience they expect, without compromising on security.

Our 3D Secure 2 solution uses biometrics and other methods for quick, smooth authentication on any device.

Reliable and secure

We can help you meet payment requirements, like PSD2 and SCA. Our solution meets EMVCo standards too.

We’re a Level 1 PCI DSS service provider, so you’re assured of our PCI compliance.

Advanced fraud detection.
Simple integration

Just one integration with us, and you have fraud controls you need to help protect your business.

The right rules for you

Get alerts on possible fraudulent transactions.
Use our pre-set rules, or customize them to fit your business.

Manage your risk, your way

Configure lists to pass, block, or hold transactions, based on BINs, issuing countries, velocity, and a range of other data.

Spot payment fraud patterns

Combine your transaction data with powerful machine learning to reveal patterns of fraud.

Stress-test your strategies

Run what-if analysis on potential fraud strategies, so they’re razor-sharp when you go live.

Interactive Globe68B Transactions, 260 plus fraud detectors 260+ fraud detectors 68b Visa transactions 50 billion transactions annually 680 million cardholders 3m merchant locations 24k team members

Tap into global intelligence

Get industry-leading insights, collected from vast global networks, to protect your business.

Every year, we receive intelligence from over 68 billion Visa transactions and more than 260+ fraud detectors—including device fingerprinting and IP geolocation.

Fight payment fraud
as it happens

Everything you need—made easy

Get anti-fraud tools in no time, through a single integration with our online payment solutions.

Customize your integration using our documentation and intuitive APIs.

Real-time monitoring

Our intuitive dashboard shows all activity as it happens. Act fast as soon as a fraud event is triggered.

Secure online payments

Our online payment solutions come with 3D Secure 2 technology built in. And you can
choose to add even more advanced protection.

Whatever you need, we make it simple.
Talk to our fraud experts, and get the right solutions for your business.

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