Point of sale
payments, and a
whole lot more

Cloud-based POS solutions—payments
are only the beginning

Heartland point-of-sale (POS) solutions handle your whole business.
Inventory, timesheets, reporting, and more—all in one place, all under control.


Discover our most comprehensive POS system. Ideal for restaurants and retail, it’s built for single- or multi-site businesses in need of a fast, full-featured solution.

  • Intuitive touchscreen interface
  • Accept swipe, chip, or contactless payments
  • Quick, quiet thermal receipt printer
  • Bi-directional barcode scanner
  • Full-featured cash drawer management


"Register system is fast and it’s modern. It looks and functions like a product a big corporation would use. The inventory tracking is very helpful, and customers like the Apple Pay and Android Pay options, too."

Ray Mclean 
SteelMclean Barbers

Terminal Plus

Need a simple in-store solution that lets you run your business from a single device? You need Terminal Plus.

Easy to use and economical. Tethered and untethered to suit your needs—line busting, table service, or at the counter. Powerful features and simple, streamlined design. Terminal Plus is perfect for your busy, growing business.

  • Touchscreen interface
  • Accept swipe, chip, or contactless payments
  • Quiet and quick thermal receipt printer


“The [Terminal Plus] POS system helps bring the business together in all aspects. You can manage food costs, employees labor hours, check sales throughout the day and use it for payroll. We have to say, it was one of the better things we’ve done since we bought the place.”

Wendy Lee and Jamie Wood 
Uptown Bakery

Mobile POS

The all-in-one POS solution, in your smartphone.

Practical, affordable, and fully mobile. Our Mobile POS is ideal for small businesses—set up in seconds, and run your business through your smartphone.

  • Powerful and easy to use
  • Compatible with most iOS and Android devices
  • Intuitive design and superior customer experience

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“When you’re starting your business, you’re watching every dollar that you bring in. Using [Global Payments Mobile] was just so easy and simple. I think we sold double because we were quick.”

Ron Johnson 
Tailgate N Go

Beyond payments
A powerful back office

With our POS solutions, running your business is a cinch. All of ours come with reliable, easy-to-use software and efficiency-boosting tools.

  • Inventory management
    Real-time data to manage inventory expenses, maximize sales, and stay on top of your stock.

  • Pricing and discounts
    Set up and manage price points and discounts—across locations.

  • Tax tracking and reporting
    Set up, track, and manage taxes for simplified accounting. And decide how they’re displayed to your customers.

  • Customer payments
    View and manage your payments, and use our analytics to spot customer trends. Better cash flow, better profitability.

  • Employee management
    Track and manage timesheets and attendance—understand staffing needs and gain efficiencies.

Looking for the right hardware-only solution?

Our range of compact terminals makes every payment easy and
secure—whatever you need it for.

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Behind the counter, on the floor, or on the go. Our terminals are flexible, portable, and powerful solutions with “do-business-anywhere” connectivity. Available out of the box, or integrate into your existing point of sale system.

  • Accept swipe, chip, or contactless payments
  • Print or email receipts quickly and easily.
  • Connect to ethernet, WiFi and 4G


No device?
No problem

Use our virtual terminal to take and track payments on your laptop, desktop or tablet.

Turning your computer into a card terminal is safe and simple. Perfect for remote billing and taking card payments over the phone.


Start taking POS payments with us

When it comes to POS, we’re the industry experts. Our team will help you find the
best hardware and software for your business. And with around-the-clock support,
there’ll be nothing to stop you getting paid.

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Every industry is different—so we provide payments built around your needs. Our end-to-end, cloud-based software and POS solutions are designed to serve you—and your customers.

We use our industry knowledge and advanced technology to make payments simpler, for millions of businesses like yours.

Solutions for your industry

Already have a POS solution? Explore our developer-first technology

Embed payment solutions—fast. Access SDKs, APIs, code samples, and more.

  • Robust libraries
  • Prebuilt integrations
  • Flexible APIs
  • Omnichannel adaptability
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