Virgin Money to open new frontiers with connected payment offering

Wednesday, September 8, 2021 4 minute read

4 minute read

Global Payments and Virgin Money aim to redefine the future of commerce through unique, connected payment solutions that will offer a range of financial products and services to consumers, delivering a frictionless experience for Virgin Money customers and merchants.

To bring this innovation to life, Virgin Money will collaborate with Global Payments to develop a new digital payment solution that improves the customer experience and enhances loyalty.

At the foundation of this new connected payments offering is the seamless integration of issuer, acquiring, and digital commerce solutions, a capability only Global Payments can deliver.

At the foundation of this new connected payments offering is the seamless integration of issuer, acquiring, and digital commerce solutions, a capability only Global Payments can deliver.

Connecting both sides of the payments ecosystem will deliver insights that enable Virgin Money to greatly expand its target markets, better understand its end-to-end customer lifecycle, and improve efficiency.

Enhancing the customer experience and driving loyalty

The Virgin brand is known for providing exceptional customer experiences spanning multiple sectors, from telecoms and financial services to entertainment, travel, and leisure–and many more. To continue delivering on its promise of stellar customer service and to build even stronger brand loyalty, Virgin Money will be able to manage its entire payments ecosystem with access to customer lifecycle data across all of its different payment products.

This connected payments ecosystem will reduce friction, allowing Virgin Money customers to enjoy a quick, seamless, and secure omnichannel payment experience. And because it's an easy-to-use digital solution, customers can enjoy a safe, no-contact payment experience.

Connecting both sides of the equation

Virgin Money will not only benefit from repeat buying encouraged by the proposition, it will also improve the overall customer experience and potentially open new revenue streams by offering additional financial services that directly solve broader customer needs. What's more, Virgin Money will secure its position as a leader among financial technology communities, appealing to a broader market base.

By implementing a connected payments ecosystem, Virgin Money will gain greater visibility into buying patterns and trends at every step of the customer journey. With this powerful data, Virgin Money can launch new products and services that directly solve customer needs.

And because Virgin Money has chosen to partner with a worldwide leading payment technology and software solutions provider–Global Payments–it doesn't have to worry about keeping up with the latest payment trends themselves.

Building the future of commerce–together

As companies like Virgin Money look to build more impactful brand experiences that lead to improved customer relationships, loyalty, and revenue, they need market leading and scalable technology to get them there. And with the proven ability to deliver innovative issuing, acquiring, and digital commerce solutions, Global Payments is uniquely positioned to connect the entire customer journey–closing a large gap in the payments ecosystem.

As a commerce and payments partner, Global Payments delivers end-to-end customer lifecycle visibility so businesses can now make more informed, data-driven, revenue-generating decisions. This gives Global Payments the distinctive ability to collaborate on products like Virgin Money's new digital payment solution, which enhance and facilitate the entire customer experience, tailored for businesses based on their unique needs.

That's innovation that delivers.

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