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Global Payments Customer Spotlight: Tailgate 'N Go

Thursday, December 19, 2019

This recipe for success may not be traditional, but it's working out well for the Johnson family. Inspiration for their small business came in the form of a family camping trip, some unseasoned hamburgers, and a side of disorganization.

“It's really funny how we came up with the idea,” said Ron Johnson, owner of Tailgate N Go. “I went camping with my daughter and my son. My daughter says, 'I'll bring everything.' We start making hamburgers, and she forgot a spatula, she forgot the salt …”

Ron noticed the campers cooking next to them were loaded with bags and boxes. Everything was a mess. He went home that weekend inspired to devise a better way.

A year and half later, the Johnson's business was born. Their flagship product is the Tailgate N Go, a portable, modular outdoor kitchen and dry box that you can take anywhere.

They recently made a serious upgrade — from the past to the future — by trading paper invoices for Vital POS®. Getting Vital POS was a “huge relief for us”.

“When you're starting your business, you're watching every dollar that you bring in,” Ron said. “Using Vital Mobile was just so easy and so simple.”

Watch our customer spotlight video about Tailgate 'N Go below.