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Customer spotlight: SteelMclean Hair Salon

Monday, May 06, 2019

4 minute read

SteelMclean in South Orange, New Jersey is a high-end men's hair salon, but they're a lot more than that, too.

“We're a one stop shop for complete hair care," says owner Rayon Mclean. “We have everything in the store. We don't just cut hair. We sell our own high-end hair care products, too."

SteelMclean's line of grooming products features everything a man could need, including shampoo, facial cleanser and bump relief. Owner Rayon Mclean has been featured in a wide variety of media outlets for his expertise on the hair care industry and men's grooming, offering help on subjects as varied as all-natural hair products and mustache grooming.

And as nearly every man and woman knows, a good salon is hard to find, so it's important that you return once you find one – that's why SteelMclean has built up a big base of loyal customers over their 9 years in business. But last year, as they became busier than ever and customers faced longer waits, they realized they needed to find an innovative solution.

As a result, they began to use an app, called SteelMclean Q, to help make waits more efficient. With SteelMclean Q, on the day a customer wants a haircut, they open the app, join the virtual queue, and wait at home until they're told their spot in line is coming up—it's first come, first served.

“We've had the app for a year and a half now," Mclean said. “We're just as busy, but now you don't have to come into the barbershop and wait. On a day that we used to do 12 people, now with the app we can do 20 or 30 in a single day with one barber. It makes us more efficient."

"It was crucial to Mclean to find a payment system that added to this ambiance—one that was both functional and fashionable."

The app is part of the sylish and hassle-free experience that Mclean tries to create for customers – no stress, great high-end service. And it was crucial to Mclean to find a payment system that added to this ambiance—one that was both functional and fashionable.

When Mclean heard about the Vital® Select solution from he knew it could be the perfect, sophisticated solution for his shop.

“It's fast and it's modern," Mclean said. “It looks and functions like a product a big corporation would use."

Mclean loves the look of the machine, but he loves the functionality just as much.

“The inventory tracking is very helpful, and customers like the Apple Pay and Android Pay options, too" said Mclean.

In all, Mclean said he'd definitely recommend the product to businesses similar to his that are looking for a better payment solution.

“For a small business, Vital Select really is a vital solution," he said. “The name works – it's vital to my business."

With Vital taking care of payments and his app taking care of scheduling, Mclean is able to focus on his true passion – cutting hair and making useful, high-end hair products.