Let customers pay their way—with Dynamic Currency Conversion

Give your international customers the choice to pay in their home currency, while you get funded in yours.

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It’s about choice and transparency

Across the border or around the world, let customers pay their way when they pay by card at checkout. Online or at the point of sale, Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) offers customers the choice to pay in their home currency or in your local currency.

Provide clarity at checkout

When customers choose to pay in their own currency, they see the exact amount that will be deducted from their account—including the exchange rate and fee. No surprises.

Minimize disputed transactions

When customers don’t know the real cost of their purchase, they may dispute a transaction. DCC shows the full cost of a purchase in the customer’s billing currency, reducing the likelihood of a dispute.

Additional income, without additional effort

Either way customers choose to pay, you get funded in your own currency. PLUS, you earn a commission when customers choose to pay in their home currency.

Improve customer satisfaction
Remove the guesswork from paying.

Increase revenue
Earn a commission when your international customers choose to pay in their currency.

Activate with ease
DCC is offered on a variety of our point-of-sale solutions and can easily be enabled as part of your website integration.

How it works

We make it easy—for you and your customers. And we support most popular currencies from around the world.

Simple. Seamless.

When you sign up for dynamic currency conversion, our system detects foreign cards automatically. Then it’s up to your customers to choose which currency they prefer to pay with—yours or theirs.

Your customer presents a card payment at checkout—online or at the point of sale.
Our system automatically detects and determines if the payment is eligible for DCC.
If eligible, your customer is offered the choice to pay in their currency or yours.
If your customer chooses to pay in their home currency, it’s a DCC transaction, and you earn a commission.
If your customer chooses to pay in your local currency, it's considered a standard card transaction.

Ready to activate dynamic currency conversion? Just let us know. Activation is quick and easy.

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Your questions, answered

  • How does the customer know the exchange rate?

    This exchange rate is displayed on the terminal before the transaction occurs and is also printed on the receipt after the transaction is completed.

  • What currencies can be accepted via DCC?

    We support over 50 currencies and are adding more all the time. If the card is issued in a currency that is supported, we will recognize this and offer the customer the option of choosing a currency.

  • Is DCC available for my ecommerce store?

    Yes, you can offer dynamic currency conversion through your ecommerce website during the checkout process.

    Similar to an in-store transaction, DCC offers eligible customers the option to pay in their own currency or in yours. If customers choose to pay in their own currency, they will see the total cost of their purchase, including the exchange rate and fee, before completing their payment.

  • Is it possible to pre-authorize a DCC transaction?

    Yes, dynamic currency conversion can be used for transactions that need pre-authorization, like starting a hotel stay or renting a car.

    During these transactions, the customer will see the current DCC exchange rate and the amount converted to their currency. It's important to let the customer know that the final DCC exchange rate and their home currency amount will be determined after they check out of the hotel or finish the service.

  • How do I process a refund?

    If you're giving a refund to a customer who used DCC for a card transaction, here's what to do:

    • Check your customer’s receipt to confirm the original transaction was done using DCC.
    • Enter the refund amount in your local currency.
    • Follow the DCC instructions to select the DCC option.

    Remember, due to exchange rate variations, the refund amount the customer gets might not match the original transaction value in their currency. It's important to let the customer know about this before you initiate the refund.