We’ve put together pay up front card payment plans so you have more choice in how you manage cash flow in your business. You simply pay a one off up-front fee, and for the remainder of your contract you only pay the transaction charges on your payments and the monthly management fee.

You don’t need to factor in the cost of terminal rental or the minimum activity fee to your cash flow management each month.

You simply choose the length of contract to suit your needs and which terminal type your business requires.

Terminal Type 12 Months 24 Months 36 Months
Static desk top terminal for your till point £249 £459 £649
Portable terminal to take to customers in store or to their table £299 £549 £849
Mobile terminal to use in store and on the road £349 £649 £999
Monthly Management Fee £5 (£60 over the year) £2.50 (£60 over 2 years) £2.50 (£90 over 3 years)

  • Contactless, Apple Pay and Android Pay come as standard

  • Competitive transaction rates are available.

  • And we’ll review your deal with you after 12 months to ensure that you are on the best package for you and your business.