Discover - New IINs

Discover can issue cards under Issuer Identification Numbers (IINs) other than 6011 (i.e., 65XXXX and China Union Pay (CUP) card ranges) effective October 2006. Global Payments has implemented enhancements to its host system to support the additional prefixes in October 2006. and modified terminal applications as indicated below. Discover-entitled merchants using Global products may contact the Help Desk for software changes to support electronic authorization of the additional Discover card ranges. after the “Download Available” date provided below. Discover-entitled merchants using a POS vendor product should contact their POS vendor for updated software. If you are not currently entitled to take Discover cards, please contact Customer Care at the number on your merchant statement if you wish to accept Discover cards or other non-bankcards.

Global Lead Application Download Available* Global Lead Application Download Available*
Retail @dv Tranz Host 17-Sep-06 Dining @dv Tranz (Tranz 380) 17-Sep-06
Retail @dv Tranz Plus 17-Sep-06 Dining @dv Tranz (Tranz 460) 17-Sep-06
Retail @dv 330 17-Sep-06 Dining @dv 330 17-Sep-06
Retail @dv 330 Host Plus 17-Sep-06 Hospitality @dv 380E 17-Sep-06
Retail @dv XL Host Plus 20-Mar-07 Hospitality @dv T7 17-Sep-06
Retail @dv T7 Host Plus 17-Sep-06 Cash Advance @dv See Note
Retail @dv PC -east and central v. 3.4 15-Aug-06 Purchasing @dv PC + v. 2.1 TBD
Global Vendor Application Download Available* Global Vendor Application Download Available*
Retail/Restaurant @dv SoftPay 4.8 east 17-Sep-06 Retail/Restaurant @dv Hyperware 17-Sep-06
Retail/Restaurant @dv SoftPay 4.9 Central 17-Sep-06 Retail/Restaurant @dv ICE 17-Sep-06
Retail/Restaurant @dv Verix SoftPay 2.91 17-Jul-06 Retail/Restaurant @dv Lipman Dial/Wireless version 11.xx TBD
Global PC Pay TBD GlobalNet VT TBD

Note: Applies to existing locations accepting Discover cards.

* Anticipated date(s) may be subject to change. Please check back for updates.

HINT: If presented with a Discover card not currently accepted by your terminal before you have had an opportunity to update your terminal, PC, or vendor software, you should obtain an authorization approval by calling the Discover IVR directly for authorization approval. If prompted by Discover for CID, please enter the 3-digit CID from the cardholder signature panel since you do not have an electronic imprint through your terminal; however, do NOT write the CID on the sales draft. Please obtain a manual imprint of the card and enter the Discover transaction through your terminal once your software has been updated.

Vendors have received notification of these changes from Global Payments Product Integration Group and should certify changes to support the new IINs before October 31, 2006.