Our Packaged Product makes card processing simple

We want to help you increase customer satisfaction, convenience and improve your revenue and sales. Our Packaged Product makes card processing simple.

Winning Is Easy When You’ve Got the Right Cards

We’ve packaged up a complete, ready-to-go credit and debit card solution that will get you up and running in no time. The package will include either a Portable or Desk Top plug-and-go terminal.

As well as standard card transactions, you’ll be able to accept foreign card payments, provide cashback services with purchases and more – it may be simple, but that doesn’t mean we’ve reduced the features.

So we’ve built in things like:

  • Fixed annual fee for 12 months
  • Pay as you go
  • Fixed rates for debit and credit cards for 12 months
  • Free Portable or Desk Top terminal / Contactless*

*We will review your deal with you after 12 months to ensure that you are on the best package for you and your business.

Packaged Produts

Clear, Simple Pricing

You need to know exactly what your costs will be, so we’ve taken pains to keep everything simple and straightforward. We want you to know exactly where you stand on every transaction; we want your monthly statements to be easy to understand, and completely free of unpleasant surprises.