Would You Like To Be Able To Ease The Load On Your Serving Staff And Turn Tables Faster?

Nobody likes waiting for their bill, particularly when they are in a hurry, so anything you can do to make things run more smoothly and effortlessly has to be worth investigating.

Global PAY Now works by connecting portable card terminals and your till, so what appears on your till, also appears on the terminal when requested. Enabling your waiting staff to print a bill, take payment and provide a receipt without leaving the customer.

An added bonus is that there’s no need to end a hard day with the grinding slog of reconciling the terminal and till takings. It’s all done for you with no chance of errors. The terminal collects the bills from the EPOS, so there are no manual transactions on the terminal, therefore the end-of-day reports you run from your terminal will always match your EPOS transactions.


Turn Tables Faster!

Global PAY Now is the award winning* card processing service for the hospitality industry, and does just that for you.

Requires connection with an EPOS system accredited by Global Payments. Global Payments are willing to work with any new EPOS provider however, they may charge for development work needed to integrate with Global Payments’ terminals. Please call Global Payments to discuss this further if required.

What Could That Mean For Your Business?

  • Better service for your customers
  • More time for your waiting staff
  • Faster turning of tables
  • More covers