Contactless terminals can put your checkouts into hyper-speed*. It’s available on purchases of up to £30, and allows your customers to speed up the checkout process by simply holding their Contactless enabled card close to the reader, no PIN is required. Occasionally a standard Chip and PIN transaction may be requested by the terminal when a Contactless Transaction is attempted. This is an added security feature to re-affirm the cardholder is in possession of their card. However a PIN transaction will more than likely happen naturally by the cardholder having had a higher value transaction or a withdrawal from an ATM in their recent usage on the card presented.

As most customers don’t need a receipt for purchases of this value, the terminal’s default behaviour is not to provide one. This can be overridden instantly if the customer requires a receipt, but in the majority of cases it removes yet another delay from the checkout.

It’s faster, and more convenient. Most of our contactless customers have seen an increase in purchase value as customers spend more on their cards as they are not limited to the cash in their pockets.

*Contactless transactions take between 1-2 seconds. Transactions over IP take around 4 seconds and transactions over PSTN take 18-20 seconds