The payment terminal is a link that can set the whole tone of how your business is viewed. If it’s not easy, slick and unobtrusive, then all your hard work on creating a great customer experience will be in vain, all that is remembered are the slow annoying tills.

To avoid this, we’ve assembled a great range of terminal options. Don’t worry if some areas appear confusing; we’re here to guide you to the ideal mix that fits your business. All of our terminals can be contactless.

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Global Pay Now

Would you like to be able to ease the load on your serving staff and turn tables faster? Nobody likes waiting for their bill, particularly when they are in a hurry, so anything you can do to make things run more smoothly and effortlessly has to be worth investigating. Global PAY Now works by connecting portable card terminals and your till, so what appears on your till, also appears on the terminal when requested. Enabling your waiting staff to print a bill, take payment and provide a receipt without leaving the customer.

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Packaged Products

Winning is easy when you’ve got the right cards. We’ve packaged up a complete, ready-to-go credit and debit card solution that will get you up and running in no time. The package will include either a Portable or Desk Top plug-and-go terminal.  As well as standard card transactions, you’ll be able to accept foreign card payments, provide cashback services with purchases and more – it may be simple, but that doesn’t mean we’ve reduced the features.

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Global POS Link

Global POS Link brings you an integrated payment system with remarkably little cost and effort. It provides a link between one of our desk-top terminals or PIN pads to your till system, automatically collecting the transaction information without any need to double-key. Our wide range of desk-top terminals and PIN pads give you the options you need to choose the right solution for your business, and we will dedicate a specialist team to help you complete the integration. We can even work directly with your till manufacturer to get everything in place and running smoothly, though a one-off fee will apply for this.

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Summary Tax

If you sell to business customers, here’s a way to make yourself stand out from your competitors. Take our Summary Tax option and your terminal will issue a more detailed receipt for your customer, by providing the VAT percentage and the amount detailed for each purchase made. It’ll be itemised by commodity code, and laid out to make reclaiming expenses a breeze. There are few better ways to make your business customers vote with their feet and choose you over your competitors.

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