Transaction Reporting

Dive into the payment processing data that drives your online business

Actionable Data For Your Business

With real-time access to customer payment data, we deliver the insights you need to adapt to your customers' online behaviour and optimize checkout conversion. 

Maximize Transaction Approval Rates

We provide insights into the reason behind a transaction decline, helping you pinpoint issues with specific banks, cards or transaction types.

The online payment response code is delivered in real-time via our direct connection to card schemes.

For your customer, the result is displayed on the online payment page to encourage a successful retry.

Simplify Transaction Management

Track Trends and Conversions

Access a wide range of transaction reporting choices, including sales trends and payment conversion.

Leverage your at-a-glance dashboard for visibility on:

  • Transaction volume and value over time
  • Total number of customers
  • Total cards saved
  • Scheduled payment information
  • Key transaction data including sales trends and payment conversions.