Cloud-Based Processing for Ecommerce Sites

Global Transport® – Secure Ecommerce is a suite of cloud-based solutions for processing credit and Visa Debit payments via merchant websites. Designed to be quick and easy for any webmaster – with code samples provided for simple integration into existing sites.

Global Transport - Secure Ecommerce is a cloud-based solution for processing transactions from merchant ecommerce websites. The Secure Ecommerce product suite includes a PCI-compliant, merchant payment page implementation. It also provides webmasters with the flexibility they need to efficiently and effectively implement the ecommerce capabilities that allow merchants to gain and maintain a competitive advantage.

Additional Benefits

  • Secure Link provides a configurable payment button with online receipt capabilities for integration into merchant-maintained HTML -based ecommerce websites. The payment button can be easily configured to payment options such as "Buy Now" or "Donate Now" providing targeted payment acceptance on the website. Secure Link enhances the transaction flow by providing online customer receipts, seamlessly completing the customer's experience.
  • Secure Page is a cloud-based solution for processing transactions from merchant ecommerce websites. The product uses patented HTML Clone® technology to maintain the design, look and feel of the merchant's website for a seamless checkout process. Merchants can update branding within their website and the changes will automatically flow through to the hosted payment page in real-time. Website maintenance is significantly reduced and design continuity between the website and the payment page reduces order abandonment - improving sales and associated revenues.
  • Secure Form is a cloud-based solution for processing transactions from web-based payment applications. It is designed for websites that use technology other than HTML (such as Adobe® Flash or Java®). Using iFrame technology, the product places the payment form within a frame on the webpage. Since the consumer remains on the merchant’s website, order abandonment is minimized.

Features Of Global Transport - Secure Ecommerce

Global Transport – Secure Ecommerce is designed for quick and easy integration, with webmaster ("IT Developer") convenience in mind. Code samples are provided for insertion into the checkout section of the merchant's ecommerce website. When complete, they follow simple instructions to connect the website to our Global Transport Gateway.

Additional Features

  • No sensitive payment data is present in the merchant's website environment
  • MasterPass™ Wallet support via Secure Page and Secure Link
  • 3D Secure support (Verified by Visa® and MasterCard® SecureCode)
  • Tokenization
  • Mobile optimization for iOS and Android devices
  • Global Transport – Virtual Terminal & Batch solution included with all Secure Ecommerce implementations
  • Access to a dedicated, toll-free call centre
  • Designed for flexible and easy implementation
  • HTML Clone® and iFrame technology

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