Card Storage

Store card details on file securely to simplify repeat online and recurring payments

Faster Checkout

We deliver a simple way for your customers to add their card details to your hosted payment page, allowing you to offer recurring billing/subscription payments.

Updated Stored Card Details

Prevent lost revenue when customers change their card details, using an automated Account Updater. We work with card issuers to automatically update cards on-file, so that you don’t have to.

Secure and Transparent

We protect card data within our secure environment, so you have all the benefits of card storage, while simplifying your PCI DSS scope. Your customers have full visibility and control over their stored card details, should they wish to unlink their cards at any time.

Payment Gateway Card Storage Security Levels

Layered security: Our payments processing infrastructure is operated to the highest level of security, risk management, and compliance standards

PCI Compliance: Our credit card storage environment is maintained to PCI DSS V3.2.1 level 1 compliance

Dual tokenization: Cardholder data is protected through dual-tokenisation, replacing your customers card number with an algorithmically generated number called a token for complete card security

Benefits of Secure Credit Card Storage

Simplify PCI scope

You won’t need to handle, transmit or store customer payment data, simplifying your compliance with PCI Security Council’s best practice guidelines and potentially reduce related audit costs.

More Valuable Customer Accounts

When customers add payment details to a registered account, their purchasing journey becomes faster and easier. This increases the value of customer accounts for your business, and gives customers an incentive to create an online account with you.

Offer Recurring Billing

Easily schedule recurring billing to keep important revenue flowing, and eliminate the need for you to contact customers regularly.