Accept payments in-store, online and via a mobile device with Apple Pay

Apple Pay offers consumers another interaction point with your business – mobile-based payments.

Today, Global Payments’ is well positioned to help our merchants and partners benefit from such innovation. Our experience and presence around the world make us an attractive partner to leverage these solutions in the United States and internationally. Global Payments processes token transactions for Visa, MasterCard and American Express and we can support merchants that want to use Apple Pay. Global Payments supports Apple Pay via NFC enabled terminals at the merchant location.


Apple Pay - Embed the payment app into your offering with our software development kit

OpenEdge, Global Payments Integrated Solutions division, fully supports Apple Pay, and will deliver the service to more than 2,000 software application developers. Transform how consumers interact with merchants by offering in app purchasing through Apple Pay.

Access mobile payments through Apple Pay - OpenEdge helps developers deliver a comprehensive, seamless and smooth payment experience through multiple points-of-interaction.

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