What Is Smart Dispute Manager?

SDM Merchant Portal is our chargeback management solution that offers you a faster, more convenient way to manage chargebacks and retrieval requests online. With SDM Merchant Portal, you can accept or reject liability for cases while monitoring the overall progress and status, making the management of chargeback cases effortless.

Reporting functionality on SDM Merchant Portal provides essential information on current and historical cases, so that an overall view is available at your fingertips. The ability to upload supporting documentation for retrieval requests to the portal can also save you money by reducing mailing and printing costs.

What Does This Mean For You?

  • Convenience to manage your chargeback cases online anytime, anywhere.

  • The ease of responding to or uploading chargeback documentation directly onto the portal.

  • Potential cost savings as faxing, printing or mailing is no longer required.

  • The option to view or share information as it can be downloaded in multiple formats.

  • A view of all your available cases with ability to search for a specific case.

  • Save time by monitoring the status of your chargeback cases online, responding in real-time.

  • Web-based reporting capability.

  • Environmentally friendly as cases are managed online.