Integrated Payments for Your Business

You've got the software. We've got the payments platform to help you scale.

Easily Integrate with One Connection

A single API integration is all it takes to embed a revenue-generating, powerful payments engine within your software solution.


Merchants and businesses served throughout the U.S. and Canada


Processed across 290 million transactions in 2018 alone.

Technology partners in more than 60 industry verticals.

More Than Just a Payment API

Global Payments Integrated develops and invests in custom partnerships with each ISV we work with to provide innovative embedded commerce solutions and support to your customers.

Confidently Accept Secure Payments

We combine EMV®, encryption and tokenization for the most effective methods in securing cardholder data.  EdgeShield, our proprietary advanced security services bundle, helps protect credit card data, prevent counterfeit fraud and enhance security to deliver one of the industry’s most secure payment platforms.

Provide Custom Device Functions

We offer easy-to-implement non-payment device functions that give your customers additional flexibility, including survey capabilities, documented customer confirmations and keeping a signature on file for future retrieval.

Increase Customer Engagement

Get the data, analytics and enhanced communication tools you need to make smarter decisions about your business through a single platform.

Support The Whole Way

Our developer support doesn’t end once a contract is signed or after completing an integration. We offer additional assistance programs to our partners including a Development Specialist, Client Advocates Group, PCI Consultants, and Sales & Marketing Support.

Minimize Declines

Our Decline Minimizer solution proactively retrieves card update information from major card brands and makes it available to your customers, greatly reducing payment declines of card-on-file transactions.