Closing The Security Door

If something doesn’t feel right, then trust your instincts and refuse to participate. Typical scams to look out for include:

Don’t accept an inbound call from an Authorisation Centre. Be suspicious should you receive such a call. Politely decline/ end the call and then call your Authorisation Centre yourself.

Refuse transactions that look suspicious. Non-standard procedures can easily take you outside your required PCI – DSS compliance and leave you exposed.

Decline requests to forward overpayments by money transmission services to third parties such as intermediaries or facilitators.

Don’t be afraid to decline suspicious orders. Remember – you are under no obligation to fulfil a transaction you consider to be fraudulent. Be cautious of unsolicited email contact or orders emanating from free email accounts where the customer’s name isn’t reflected in the narrative and where a mobile telephone number is the only means of customer contact. As a general rule, always suspect any deviation from normal purchasing.

Not all fraud attacks come from outside. Unfortunately, your own staff can sometimes get involved in fraudulent card processing activities, such as refunds being refunded into their own bank account rather than into a customer’s. This often happens behind your back and can affect your profits.

Don’t participate in arrangements where paid-for goods are collected by taxi or courier.

Fraud Threatens Everyone, So For Your Security You Need
A Card Processor Who Is At The Cutting Edge Of Fraud
Prevention Technology

You’ll need advice and services that help you implement business practices to minimise the risk and cost of fraud. As one of our customers, you’ll have the reassurance of our dedicated fraud team constantly reviewing fraudulent activity. When they see something suspicious, they’ll begin detailed and expert checks to establish whether the transaction is genuine.

If everything checks out, that’s fine; we don’t need to trouble you. But, if our team has concerns that a payment could be fraudulent, they will then contact you. This commitment to our customers has prevented millions of pounds of fraudulent orders from being dispatched.