If you have a broadband Internet connection available, then it’s almost certain that we can use it to speed up your payments and possibly save you money by reducing the number of telephone lines you rent. You’ll have the advantage of always-on connectivity, so there’s no waiting around while the terminal displays “Dialling…”, and the actual transaction is authorised up to four times faster*. That translates into faster movement through your checkouts, leading to shorter queues and happier customers.

Faster Connection =
Shorter Queues

If you’re in the process of choosing a broadband provider, we currently have a relationship with Europacom for their fast IP protocol**. In addition, it’s a direct, dedicated connection that doesn’t pass through the public Internet space.High-speed card authorisation is achievable with seamless switch-over we provide you with the right terminals and support you day to day as you reap the benefits.

* A standard transaction time is 18-20 seconds, when connecting over IP the standard transaction time is around 4 seconds

**additional costs may apply