Accept All Major Forms of Payment

At Global Payments, we want to make it easy for you to do business which is why we provide access to all major forms of payment technology.

Credit, Debit & Purchasing Card

Global Payments provides total processing capabilities for credit, debit, Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT), gift, loyalty and purchasing cards for all major card types and technologies.

Electronic Check Conversion

Converts paper checks to an ACH transaction at the point of sale. Reduces risk, improves merchant cash flow with 48-hour funding and simplify close out procedures.

Money Transfer

Our comprehensive @dvantage line of financial and information management solutions provides flexibility with feature-rich systems and support for multiple communication protocols and input methods.

Verification & Recovery Services

Verifies checks before acceptance to protect against check fraud and loss at the point of sale. Global Payments handles the responsibility of collecting customers’ non-approved check or non-compliance claims.

Gift Card & Loyalty Cards

Global Payments provides support for gift card processing for merchants from various businesses and industries.

Check Guarantee

Provides peace of mind with guaranteed payment and reduced risk, allowing checks to be accepted with confidence.

ACH Check

Converts paper checks to electronic transactions at the point of sale, eliminating the administrative hassles of paper check.

Financial EDI Services

Automate the exchange of business and financial information through out Electronic Data Interchange system.

Point-of-Sale (POS) Equipment

Whether hardware, supplies, emergency replacements, or deployment of a new system or conversion, Global Payments has a wide range of options to meet all terminal support needs.

  • With Google Pay, consumers can simply unlock their phone, place it near your contactless terminal and they’re ready to go. They won't even need to open an app.

  • Samsung Pay’s MST technology is accepted at nearly all payment terminals where you can swipe a card. Samsung Pay allows most merchants to accept mobile payments without upgrading their existing payment terminals but simply a software update.

  • Apple Pay is transforming mobile payments with an easy, secure and private way to pay. Global Payments brings secure and innovative commerce to merchants, partners and consumers with the addition of Apple Pay. By offering Apple Pay merchants can provide their customers an easier, convenient check out experience.

In-Person Transaction Solutions

American Express Acquiring Program

Cake Image

Reduce overhead by accepting American Express transactions through Global Payments; and participate in American Express Membership – a powerful network of consumers, small-businesses and corporate Card Members to help your business thrive.

EMV Card Acceptance

Secure Payment Gateway

EMV is a chip technology used globally in place of magnetic stripe. EMV chip technology helps to reduce card fraud in a face-to-face card-present environment, provides global interoperability and enables safer transactions across contact and contactless channels.

Edō Loyalty Program Increase Customer Loyalty

Gateway Card

The edō card-linked offers platform is specifically designed for marketers and merchants looking to connect online advertising with in-store results. Offers are triggered using the data that matters most – spending activity.


Best Online Payment Gateway

Merchants are always looking for ways to increase their customer base and increase the purchases made by each shopper. By accepting multiple forms of payment, you simplify the transaction process and improve the customer experience.

Global Payments provides solutions to fit your unique business needs – from online, in-person and mobile, we have the ability to accept any payment on any device, anywhere, at any time. We offer a broad range of innovative payment options that can work for you and your customers.





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