Feature on EPOS - Retail Express

Questions for Suppliers

1. How important is it for retailers to get on board with technology? 

Customers vote with their feet; technology can remove friction from any shopping experience.

Customers are embracing new ways in which to pay for goods and services. With the right kind of EPOS technology, retailers can increase operational efficiency and accuracy, whilst improving their overall customer experience. 

Looking at payments technology more specifically, it is crucial for retailers to keep up to date with changes in technology. Being able to accept any kind of electronic payments – such as Contactless or mobile – and international credit and/or debit cards – be it UnionPay from China or Discover Card from the US – opens up additional opportunities to increase income and leaves a positive impression with customers.

2. What are the top three benefits of working with you and the services you offer?

The key benefits of working with Global Payments include the following:

For retailers:

  • Speedy acceptance and processing of payments, including international cards
  • Their payment terminals will be compliant with new regulations, so they avoid the cost of technology maintenance
  • Receive instant customer feedback

For customers:
  • The choice of how to they want to pay and knowing exactly how much they’ll be charged in their home currency 
  • The ability to claim VAT back on their major purchases
  • The opportunity to provide feedback at the till
  • What it is?

Global Payments helps retailers to improve efficiency, speed up the payment process and improve customer service. Our terminals feature some of the most up-to-date technology in the industry, and provide a gateway to alternative payment methods from Contactless cards to the latest Near-Field Communication (NFC) enabled mobile phones, stickers and wristbands.

All our terminals are able to accept cards from foreign card networks, such as American Express, UnionPay or The Global Discover Network. They also give customers the choice to pay in their home currency via HomeCurrencyPay, as well as providing the ability to claim a 20% VAT refund to all non-EU shoppers with Tax Free Shopping.

Global Payments is also the first payments provider to offer truRating, a rating system that gives customers a chance give instant feedback on their experience when they pay.

  • How it can be used?

Firstly, when accepting card payments,  retailers can accept payments via Contactless cards, mobiles or NFC enabled stickers or wristbands.

Tourists will normally want to pay for goods with a foreign credit/debit card – for example, UnionPay (China), Discovery Card (US), BC Global Card (South Korea), Dina Card (Serbia) or Rupay (India). In the past, most retailers were unable to accept foreign credit cards which made them lose out on valuable income. However, with the help of Global Payments’ terminals, retailers can now accept cards from different card networks enabling them to increase their overall business revenue. 

Our HomeCurrencyPay solution allows customers to see on the payment terminal how much they will be charged in their home currency, instead of having to spend time thinking about conversion rates.  Tax free shopping also allows them to identify tax amounts for rebate directly at the terminal. This enhanced customer experience provides a ‘feel-good factor’ that then positively impacts retailers – especially amongst the large contingent of visitors who want to take a slice of British fashion and other luxury brands back home with them.

When using truRating every customer paying by card is asked one on-the-spot question to rate the service, experience or product on a scale from 0 to 9 (terrible to great). The questions are rotated from a fixed set of customised questions to provide a fast and accurate snapshot of customer feedback that tells the retailer what their customers really think; such as whether the product is good value for money, the staff were friendly or they liked the in-store design. All of these factors have an influence on the overall experience and impact the customers’ decision about whether or not they will come back.

  • How easy it is to run?

Global Payments’ terminals are easy to install and set up. The use of the payments terminals is intuitive and straight forward to use. We also ensure that the software is compliant with any relevant regulations and provide any necessary software updates swiftly.