Each year, our employees nominate a different charity to support and the whole company votes for the charity of their choice. This year we’re proud to support Rainbows and will organise a number of community events throughout the year to raise funds.


Hospice For Children And Young People

Rainbows hospice for Children and Young People has been caring for life-limited and terminally ill children from the East Midlands for over 20 years. From their hospice in Loughborough, Rainbows cover Leicestershire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and parts of Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire. They offer respite, palliative and end of life care to at present over 350 children every year, while also providing wider support for the siblings and parents of the children they care for. The word ‘hospice’ gives off the wrong impression and although there are inevitably sad times, Rainbows strives to be a happy place where families can relax and make memories together, a place where mum and dad get to be mum and dad, not just carers.

One of the parents who uses Rainbows said, “We trust them to look after our little boy. They’re really good at organising his dietary needs, his mediation and monitoring his condition. It can get exhausting for us caring for him 24 hours a day – it gets stressful for him as well. Rainbows gives us all that vital time to relax. Rainbows also gives him the chance to meet other children with severe conditions – he enjoys the independence of being away from home, he loves the place and loves the people there.”

We also actively promote Corporate Social Responsibility and are proud to have enabled Pennies, the digital charity box, in a variety of merchants since 2013.


The Digital Charity Box

Pennies - is an easy way to raise money for charity, collecting small change donations when paying by card, in-store or online.

Fintech charity Pennies has been at the forefront of innovative giving since 2010. As the payment industry helps us all go cashless, the ability to drop a few pennies into a collection tin is disappearing. Pennies, the digital charity box, has revived ad-hoc, anonymous and feel-good giving.

By working with payment providers, Pennies offers consumers a frictionless way to anonymously donate to charities by card. The retailer selects the cause, and the choice to give is always the customer’s. In five and a half years it has enabled over 30 million micro-donations, raising £7million+ for over 120 charities.