The right cloud-based POS for Wrong Iron pub

Railroad-themed Wrong Iron’s beer garden needed to get back on track after its existing point-of-sale (POS) system was responsible for a series of costly manual updates and service disruptions.

But it quickly got back up to speed by partnering with our Heartland technology solutions, which enable payments, POS, and payroll for large and small businesses across the US.

Moving beyond legacy solutions

Born from a love of Louisiana living, the high-traffic watering hole is a favorite place for LSU and Saints fans to gather and celebrate.

Due to the fast-paced nature of the bustling bar scene, co-owner Rusty White, who also owns two other New Orleans hot spots, decided that it was time to move to a cloud-based POS. White and his team were tired of manual updates, which cost the pub time and money.

Before Heartland: An unexpected detour

While choosing to switch to the cloud seemed easy, picking the right provider was not. There were frequent issues with chargeback discrepancies, and the system crashed often. This was frustrating to both Wrong Iron’s busy employees and the customers who were ready to cash out.

Without a representative available to help, things got more stressful by the minute.

“I chose the wrong [POS provider] and we were six months behind where we should have been,” explains White, “until we started with Heartland.”

Happier with Heartland

White was already a happy Heartland Payments customer when he learned about our customizable POS solution and the dedicated team of specialists that comes with it. Not only that, but unlike most providers, Heartland also allows customers to use their own equipment and save even more.

Innovation in action

“Heartland is a great partner to have for the business I have now—but also for the ones I want to start in the future. It’s very comforting to know I can take them along with me,” says White. He adds, “I’m glad I found the right provider.”

This is what reliability, advanced technology and exceptional service can deliver. All from Global Payments’ complete commerce ecosystem.