3 million fans, 70+
concessions—and one
seamless commerce platform

Delivering faster service, more sales and a frictionless customer experience at Mercedes-Benz Stadium

2x faster
point of sale, delivering

10% increase
in number of fans served

17% increase
in number of halftime transactions

Cut employee training time in half

Saved time and cost through streamlined operations and management

Implemented digital process for better reporting and planning

Mercedes-Benz Stadium

An ultramodern engineering marvel, Mercedes-Benz Stadium hosts some of the world’s most anticipated events—from NFL and MLS games to best of the best in college football to concerts with A-list artists—along with millions of fans every year.

Location: Atlanta, GA, United States

Size: Enterprise

Commerce platform solutions: End-to-end cloud-based stadium and events POS technology

The challenge
A world-class stadium requires a world-class payments experience

Mercedes-Benz Stadium is an innovative leader in the sports and entertainment industry. When they named Global Payments their Official Commerce Technology Provider, they chose a partner with expertise in stadium and venue solutions to help them realize their vision: to give fans the best game day experience in sports. Because game day is more than just the game. It’s the food, the merchandise, the magic you feel when you walk through the gates. And it’s the technology that connects fans to the unforgettable experiences that keep them coming back.

Meeting scale with speed

At stadiums of this size, any moment can spur thousands of transactions. Without a perfectly-tuned payments solution, lines grow quickly, fans get frustrated and venues lose out on sales. Mercedes-Benz Stadium needed technology that could deliver a seamless experience at every touchpoint—for fans and stadium partners alike.

Efficiency—and information—is key

It takes more than speed to meet this level of dynamic demand. You also need seamless efficiency and deep insights to continuously hone processes and better prepare for future events. More visibility leads to time and cost savings, and better experiences across the stadium. That’s what Mercedes-Benz Stadium was looking for, and it’s what our platform delivered.

Innovation in action

"The Global Payments POS technology was two times faster and it only took 1.1 seconds for my payment to process."

Commerce platform in action
Integrating 450+ point-of-sale systems into one seamless commerce platform

Thanks to our complete cloud-native commerce platform designed to power stadium venues, we were able to hit the ground running. We rapidly integrated 450+ POS systems across 70+ food and beverage concessions to serve thousands of fans quickly, seamlessly and securely. And our variety of ordering and payment options meant Mercedes-Benz Stadium could effortlessly accommodate thousands of transactions at the same time, every time.

By pairing cutting-edge technology, dependable partnership and unrivaled expertise we delivered something greater than the sum of its parts: an intuitive solution that brings powerful commerce technology—and better customer experiences—to every corner of the stadium.

Innovation in action

"As of now, we slate 15 minutes for training on the Global Payments POS technology. Previous training took anywhere from 30-35 minutes,"
Naurice White says.

Innovation delivered
Transformative speed and efficiency

The results speak for themselves.

Mercedes-Benz Stadium’s new point-of-sale solution is twice as fast.

"The Global Payments POS technology was two times faster and it only took 1.1 seconds for my payment to process," says one NFL League Office secret shopper. The increased speed of technology drove a 10% lift in the number of fans served per game (normalized for attendance). Meanwhile, halftime sales—when concession stands are at their peak—rose by 17%. Faster technology means fans spend less time waiting in line, and more time enjoying the game-day magic they came for.

Major savings on training and overhead costs

With more intuitive POS technology, the stadium was able to cut employee training time in half, while streamlining overall operations and management. "As of now, we slate 15 minutes for training on the Global Payments POS technology. Previous training took anywhere from 30-35 minutes," says Naurice White, food and beverage partner at Levy Restaurants. Multiplied by 72 concession and bar stands, the stadium is enjoying huge time—and money—savings.

Major savings on training and overhead costs

Optimization that delivers big benefits

Beyond POS, our modern back-of-house solution helps stadium partners reap plenty of other benefits. One example: replacing a paper coupon system for employee meals with a digital QR code.

It’s a seemingly small change with big impacts. Partners save time on managing comped employee meals. They save money on material expenses and eliminate fraud. Plus, a digitized process means deeper insights into how this employee benefit is used.

“Moving to a digital process for employee meals took us from an unknown to a place of stability and planning. We now know exactly how that employee benefit is being used, helping us better report and plan for the future,” says Karl Pierburg, Chief Technology Officer at AMB Sports and Entertainment.

Staying ahead of change
A truly future-proof platform

Powering an unmatched game day experience isn’t a one-off task. We stay ahead of change to bring continuous evolution and improvement, so this world-class stadium can keep the lead for many years to come.

Our technology, backed by our deep expertise, relentless innovation and dedicated partnership—is future-proof. It’s designed for constant optimization, transforming challenges into innovations at every turn. For employees. For stadium partners. And for the millions of fans that step into the venue every season.

Innovation in action

“We’ve combined Global Payments technology with our fanbase and exposure level to do some incredible things. I love the openness and willingness of the Global Payments team, and working with them to find true win-wins. It's such a unique and collaborative partnership,” Karl Pierburg says.

That's innovation that delivers.

Whatever your payments challenge, we have a solution. Our experts are ready to help.

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