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Fraud and cybercrime are growing threats to business owners, totalling £1.2 billion stolen through fraud in 2022.1 The good news? You can help protect your business—and your customers—from falling victim to fraud. Download our fraud infographic.

Protect your business: 9 tips to fight fraud; 1-Start with the right POS, one with security built in; 2-Restrict user access on POS devices; 3-Don't leave POS devices unattended; 4-Use strong passwords, and change them often; 5-Don't skip software updates; 6-Upgrade POS devices regularly; 7-Stay alert, review your statements frequently; 8-Keep your return policy simple; 9-Educate your team

Don’t fall victim to fraud. Talk with our experts today about protecting your business—and your customers.

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  1. UK Finance, Over £1.2 billion stolen through fraud in 2022, with nearly 80 percent of app fraud cases starting online
  2. PCI Security Standards Council. Approved PTS Devices.

This information is not a complete list of a merchant's obligations with respect to reducing fraud risk. Refer to the details in the Global Payments merchant contract and the rules/regulations.