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Launching Mobile Pay: Our New Mobile Pay Solution to Cut Queues and Enhance the Customer Experience

Monday, June 03, 2019

4 minute read

Long queues are one of the biggest sources of frustration for shoppers. According to research, 51% of UK consumers have had an in-store experience ruined as a result of queuing. But what’s more concerning is that over a quarter of consumers (26%) will walk out of a store due to long waiting times, a problem that is costing businesses £3.4 billion a year. In a world of decreasing consumer loyalty and rising expectations when it comes to customer experience, businesses are facing mounting pressure to cut waiting times and improve customer satisfaction.

In light of this, we’re excited to announce the launch of Mobile Pay:  for Android or iOS phones and tablets. This pairs with a secure mobile reader for convenient and simple payments via a single point-of-sale app. Mobile Pay allows businesses – whether in the retail, restaurant, entertainment or automotive industry – to cut down queues and increase customer flow so that customers don’t need to wait in line to make their purchase.

Mobile Pay is designed to be simple and flexible. Using just your phone or tablet and the mobile reader, users are able to accept a range of payment types, including Chip and PIN and Contactless (including Apple Pay and Google Pay). The system also supports payment options like swipe, Mail Order (MOTO), and the recording of cheque and cash transactions.

Customers can also leave tips, as well as choose how they want to receive their receipt – either printed, or sent directly from the app via text or email. Businesses using Mobile Pay will be able to take payments easily and instantly, creating a streamlined customer experience with customers no longer having to wait to get to the front of the queue in busy periods.

We’re incredibly excited for the opportunities this will unlock for businesses. And it’s not just queue busting that Mobile Pay provides a solution for. Businesses on the go, such as plumbers and electricians, will benefit immensely from being able to accept payments through their phones or tablets, offering another method for the customer to pay.

But payments systems can provide so much more than simply serving as a means of transaction.  Mobile Pay goes beyond just accepting the payment – it also offers businesses invaluable data-driven insights into their customers and operations. The App’s interface provides users with a real-time descriptive dashboard, providing data on everything from inventory and statistics, to transactions and VAT.

Using a cloud-based inventory list, businesses can easily create and update a sales item or goods inventory on the Mobile Pay App. This ensures that all product information, from descriptions and pictures to prices, VAT, and even barcodes, is kept at their fingertips. This essential data gives merchants new insights into customer behaviours, helping them to make informed decisions around the day-to-day running of their business, and opens up new opportunities to develop and grow.

We’re constantly developing new ways to support our customers. Mobile Pay is yet another solution that provides them with seamless payments and powerful customer insights to help enhance the customer experience that they can offer.

Find out more and get started with Mobile Pay here.