Unified Payments:
Your global growth infrastructure for Unified Commerce

One complete, seamless buying experience across every channel, location, and device.

One complete set of data to enhance your customer experience.

One simple API integration.

That's Unified Commerce.

Global infrastructure. Local support

Wherever you are, we’re there too. Our services cover more than 100 countries,
including expert sales and support people on the ground in nearly 40 countries.

Different channels.
New markets

Changing demands.
Same platform

Our platform is built to adapt. It future-proofs your business, making it easier to expand into new markets, grow revenue, attract new customers—and retain them.

Whatever new channels, markets, or needs come along, face them unified.

Innovation in action

“We wanted to work with the next generation of payment providers, who could bring us high level, value-added services and flexibility. ...Global Payments and Virgin Atlantic are a strong match....”

The world through one API

One integration is all it takes to connect all your commerce channels and geographies. Seamless technology, for a more impactful strategy.

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Unified commerce is simplified commerce

For a customer, buying from you is a single experience. Even if they switch between in-store, online, mobile, or other channels along the way. They expect seamless, secure simplicity. Every time.

Unified commerce makes this possible—and simple. Your customers get a smooth, omnichannel experience. You get all the data and insight you need to build experiences people love—and stick with.

Any kind of payment, anywhere in the world

Wherever your customers are, give them a consistent experience, using their region’s preferred payment methods. Or any other method—we support over 140 payment types.

Unify your data

See all your data—from every channel, payment method and region—in one, intuitive dashboard.

Our platform uses cross-channel tokenization to link all your customers’ buying activity—online, in-store, and via mobile. So you get a complete, all-round picture.

Data. Insight. Action

With all your data in one place, you can build even better experiences, and drive more value for customers.

  • Predict shopping behaviors using analytics.
  • Use buying behaviors to adapt to customer’s preferences, just when they need it.
  • Offer more convenient buying and delivery options.
  • Create loyalty programs customers value.
  • Track demand to validate new markets.

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Partners in innovation

We’ve built an unrivalled partner network worldwide, including powerful online shopping carts, and major ERP and POS platforms, to get you to market faster.

A single platform for multinationals

However wide-ranging your business, do it all with one platform. One point of contact, one contract, one API. Plus streamlined pricing to support your growth.

Innovation in action

“They are truly global payment experts and act as an extension to our team, ensuring we are planning our payments processing strategy effectively across our omnichannel and international operations.”

Martin Dempster
VP Innovation, Brewdog

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Your questions, answered

  • What is unified commerce?

    Jackson, Customer Relationship Manager

    Unified commerce connects your commerce channels through one platform, in real time. It delivers a seamless buying experience across all your channels, locations, and devices—even if customers switch along the way.

  • How do we support unified commerce?

    Jackson, Customer Relationship Manager

    Our Unified Commerce Platform is market-leading technology you can connect to with a single integration. It pulls together your payment data from every channel and region, helping you build experiences customers love—and stick with.

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  • How is unified commerce different from omnichannel?

    Jackson, Customer Relationship Manager

    In an omnichannel model, you sell through various channels (like in-store, online, mobile, or social). These may be delivered through different platforms or tools, often from various partners.

    Unified commerce doesn’t just link different systems. It’s a single platform that delivers for every channel, region, and device. A single source of truth—providing clear, cross-channel insights to help you deliver truly seamless experiences.

  • How do we move from multiple payment partners and platforms to unified commerce?

    Jackson, Customer Relationship Manager

    Talk to us. Our experts will listen to your needs and objectives, and help you build a tailored consolidation plan.


Solutions built to work together

Whether you need a single solution or a full suite, our solutions are designed to work seamlessly together, and adapt as you grow.

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