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Global Payments and PEI Liquor: Delivering a Personalized Approach to Meet Customer Needs

Friday, January 22, 2021

3 minute read

In 2014, PEI Liquor, the retail arm of the Prince Edward Island Liquor Control Commission, a provincial Crown Corporation, was looking for a new partner to power payments for its online ordering and delivery business.

In addition to finding a partner that could seamlessly deliver upon its value proposition for online ordering and delivery, they also needed a partner to provide exceptional service — all at a reasonable cost.

Dedicated account service leads to long-lasting relationships

Global Payments' personalized approach, including in-person engagements with PEI Liquor, weighed heavily in their selection process. Because PEI Liquor highly values personal customer service, Global Payments' commitment to delivering personal, face-to-face service to customers helped it stand out from the competition and win the contract.

Since becoming PEI Liquor's payments partner, Global Payments has continued to provide a high level of hands-on service through regular in-person meetings with their regionally-based account manager and consistent account team. As a result, they've been able to get to know their Global Payments account team and develop excellent working relationships with them.

I've dealt with other [providers] in the past, and all it's been is a faceless name at the other end of the phone, a name that changes regularly. With Global Payments, there's consistency in the person you're dealing with."

Going above and beyond to meet customer needs

Besides offering hands-on, responsive service, Global Payments has gone above and beyond in solving challenges for PEI Liquor.

“Even on a complex issue, I get a response quickly. The response may be that they need to do further research on their end, or bring a technical person in on it, but they always let us know [and] and I get regular updates on where it is. We never worry that a request has been ignored."

PEI Liquor values this high level of responsiveness, allowing them to work more efficiently.

An exceptional payments experience

For PEI Liquor, Global Payments' personalized, face-to-face service sets them apart from other payments providers. And having an account manager based in the region has contributed to a strong working relationship between them. Paired with this exceptional service is Global Payments' modern payments infrastructure and solution offerings, which help PEI Liquor protect the integrity of their systems and, in turn, the safety of their customers.