Omnichannel payments:
Your connected commerce solution

One complete, seamless buying experience across every channel, and device.

One complete set of data to enhance your customer experience.

One simple API integration.

One single provider, no more patchwork.

That’s omnichannel payments.

Global infrastructure. Local support.

Wherever you are, we’re there too. Our services cover more than 100 countries, including expert sales and support people on the ground in over 40 countries.

Different channels.
New markets.

Changing demands.
Same platform.

Our platform is built to adapt. It future-proofs your business, making it easier to expand into new markets, grow revenue, attract new customers—and retain them.

Whatever new channels, markets, or needs come along, face them unified.

Innovation in action

“We wanted to work with the next generation of payment providers, who could bring us high level, value-added services and flexibility. ...Global Payments and Virgin Atlantic are a strong match...”

All payments through one API

One integration is all it takes to connect all your commerce channels. Seamless technology, for a more impactful strategy.

Omnichannel payments is simplified payments

For customers, buying from you is a single experience. Even if they switch between in-store, online, mobile or other channels along the way. They expect seamless, secure simplicity. Every time.

Omnichannel payments makes this possible—and simple. Your customers get a smooth, connected experience. You get all the data and insight you need to build experiences people love—and stick with.

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  • What is omnichannel payments?

    Jackson, Customer Relationship Manager

    Omnichannel payments support your commerce channels through one platform, in real time. It delivers a seamless buying experience across all your channels, locations and devices—even if customers switch along the way.

  • How do we move from multiple payment partners and platforms to omnichannel payments?

    Jackson, Customer Relationship Manager

    Talk to us. Our experts will listen to your needs and objectives, and help you build a tailored consolidation plan.