Social commerce is a leading payment trend. Here's why.

Thursday, April 18, 2024 4 minute read
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Social media is evolving. It's no longer just a place where people interact with friends. Your customers are now shopping and buying directly from social media, including Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. This experience is known as social commerce—one of our top commerce and payment trends, and for good reason.

Global social commerce will reach $8.5 trillion by 2030.

Global social commerce will reach $8.5 trillion by 2030.

What's a social commerce platform? And how's it different from social media marketing?

Social media marketing, unlike a social commerce platform, directs buyers off-platform to purchase items through a website. Users click an ad that directs them to purchase those items through a different website, adding an extra step in the buying process.

Conversely, social commerce lets users buy your products or services without ever having to leave social media. Why is this such a huge benefit? Because the purchase is fast, seamless and secure for your customers. And less friction means more sales for your business.

“It's smart to think social commerce for every size business. There's revenue opportunity at stake.”

Konrad Chan
President, Asia Pacific, Global Payments

Simple technology. Simple integration.

Out-of-the-box payment technology helps you convert your social media followers into paying customers. No complicated integrations or hardware are necessary. You can generate an on-platform checkout with a simple payment link that you add to your social media post or ad.

These embedded payment links are versatile, so you'll be ready to transition to the next emerging social channel whenever it arrives (think Gucci's partnership with Snapchat to launch the first augmented reality shoe try-on campaign).

Benefits of social shopping

Social shopping comes with many advantages. It can help your business:

  • Improve customer engagement. Social channels open up communication between your business and your customers. Social media allows you to promote your products or services, while enabling your audience to relate to them. Followers are more likely to read reviews, comment and like your past posts on these platforms. This helps your audience better engage with your brand.
  • Sell more on social media. Create easy-to-use, frictionless payment links that you can share across social commerce platforms—with ease and confidence.
  • Build brand loyalty and create long-lasting customer relationships. More customers engaged with your products or services on social media builds your brand messaging and loyalty. SproutSocial reports that 78% of consumers are more willing to buy from a brand after a positive experience on social media.
  • Attract new generations. Forbes found that 97% of Gen Z consumers use social commerce as their top source of shopping inspiration. Favorite social commerce platforms for Gen Z include Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest.
  • Better define your target audience. With social media data and analytics, you can better track your posts across targeted social demographics, attracting more potential social media customers.

Get started with Pay by Link

Boost sales while building lasting and authentic connections with your customers. That's what social commerce can do for you.

To get started, first evaluate your audience's social media preferences. Then look at the capabilities of the technology that are best for you. With the right social commerce strategy, your business can tap into more revenue and connect with customers in new ways.

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*The global survey of 217 businesses mentioned in this report was conducted online between July 12, 2022, and August 12, 2022.