Future-proofing tomorrow with Global Payments and AWS

Sunday, August 2, 2020 5 minute read
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5 minute read

For more than 50 years, Global Payments has focused on what's next so our customers can tackle today and tomorrow with confidence. We develop payment solutions that anticipate ever-changing consumer expectations. The rate of change is accelerating as consumers continuously shift buying behaviors and payment preferences to keep pace with new developments globally. Supported by our technology-enabled, software-driven strategy, we leverage advanced technologies and future-focused solutions to help our customers stay at the forefront of their markets.

Today is another leap forward in our technology transformation journey. We are delighted to announce a collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to bring an industry-leading, cloud-based issuer processing platform to institutions, new market entrants and retailers across the globe.

Coupling Global Payments’ world-class issuer technology services with AWS's cloud technologies and infrastructure, we're delivering the future of payments with the speed, reliability, security and scalability of the cloud. 

Through this collaboration, two of the world's most respected technology companies are working shoulder to shoulder to ensure that issuers can innovate, grow and stay agile for the future of payments.

The benefits are numerous and each play a role in future proofing our clients' businesses:

Cloud and open banking in a secure environment. This collaboration delivers a cloud-based issuer processing platform for leading-edge payment innovation. Cloud infrastructure has evolved at light speed with innovative approaches to security and compliance. By combining AWS's significant leadership position Global Payments’ reputation as the partner of choice, we're building world-class payments innovation at scale worldwide.

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Product flexibility with API-centric tech. This platform will enable the development of new API-based microservices with products and functionality that are offered independently of each other. We're essentially unbundling our existing platform and related services to offer only the functionality our customers need and want, when and how they need it. More choices mean more satisfied customers.

Speed to market worldwide. AWS's worldwide footprint enables our customers to conduct their businesses anywhere. And with our API-centric technology, we can build, test, deploy and scale specific capabilities quicker to continuously innovate and meet customers' demands, anywhere in the world.

Frictionless, digital customer experiences. Banking customers are savvier than ever. They expect financial services with customized features to fit their needs and they have little tolerance for downtime, clunky experiences, and behind-the-times financial tools. In a cloud-based issuing environment, consumers will have more reliable, secure and flexible solutions tailored specifically to their needs.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Our platform enables our customers to seamlessly operate across the entire lifecycle of card issuance and management. And it's underpinned by our 50-year legacy of trusted payments expertise. We couldn't be more energized to help our clients unveil the power of payments on the cloud for a future proofed tomorrow.

Learn more about our cloud-based issuer platform.

It's only up from here. The benefits of harnessing the cloud: Cloud & Open Banking in a Secure Environment; Speed to Market Worldwide; API-Centric Product Flexibility; Frictionless, Digital Customer Experience