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More customers, spending more with you

Data-driven marketing

Our comprehensive marketing and analytics solution combines your payments data from multiple channels to reveal what your customers really want—and how you’re doing against your peers.

Gauge your performance in the market, measure transaction trends, and use social channels to build your reputation.

  • Track key metrics–including revenue, sales trends, and average transaction value.
  • See transaction trends for new vs. repeat customers.
  • Review average spend–and identify opportunities to improve performance.

Smarter, smoother, simpler business

Work more efficiently and streamline processes. Value-added solutions to run a smarter, more profitable business.

All the insight you need,
in one place

Our cloud-based reporting and management tools give you the critical data you need to run a smarter, more profitable business. On any device, anywhere in the world.

  • Get actionable insights and metrics like sales trends, customer visits, new or repeat customers and changes in ticket size.
  • Access key data and reports including your statement, billing, and deposit information.
  • Manage your disputes.