A complete worldwide
commerce ecosystem.

Delivering for you

Our innovations and expertise drive growth for millions of companies—from ambitious startups to financial institutions and global enterprises.

Join over 3.5 million Global Payments
customers in 100+ countries

A comprehensive payments platform

With a simple integration, you get access to the Global Payments ecosystem. Our market-leading technology connects every aspect of commerce:

Circle of Innovation

We lead
because we deliver

On customer experience

On security

We lead
because we deliver

  • On scale—in over 100 countries

    On Scale

    Unique global infrastructure, processing 50 billion+ transactions each year

    We're the only partner you need to expand into new markets. We serve customers in over 100 countries, which means you can consolidate your payments partners.

  • On service—over 24,000 experts worldwide

    On Service


    24,000 payments experts worldwide.
    Experts on the ground in almost 40 countries

    Wherever you are, whatever you need. Lean on our technology and support teams to help plan, develop and launch solutions that keep your customers close.

  • On simplicity—less complexity, lower cost

    On Simplicity

    Transaction processing, reporting, dispute management
    –all in one

    Big doesn't have to be complicated. A simple API integration connects you to our Unified Commerce Platform. Less complexity. Lower costs. Once you're in, you can capitalize on new software and market changes as your business demands.

  • On customer experience—seamless end-to-end

    On customer experience

    Your customers depend on you. So depend on us.

    Our highly provisioned, low-latency global network gives you an outstanding user experience, exceptional performance through higher authorization rates, and industry-leading uptime.

  • On security—industry leading

    On Security

    Businesses like yours trust us with billions of secure transactions each year–over 50 billion, in fact.

    Security is fundamental. We use progressive layers of infrastructure to provide defense in depth. Our fully compliant 3D Secure 2 authentication technology helps reduces fraud, increases conversions, and helps keep customers' data safe. As attested by third-party auditors. We meet the toughest industry-specific compliance standards, and can easily tailor rules to your business and local regulations.

We deliver on innovation

How we support our customers every step of the way


Accept 140+ payment types

Online or on the phone. In person or in-app. And wherever payments go next.

Give your customers the options they need, with over 140 payment types across every channel.


680m cards and counting

Connect to our leading issuer platform through open APIs. We’ll create and manage the commerce solutions your customers need.

We’re trusted by the brands customers trust—from financial institutions to major retailers.


Your goals.
Our tools

Our cloud-based productivity and performance tools, combined with our expert insight and guidance, help you build your business, whatever stage you’re at.


Experts in everything.

Our cloud-based productivity and performance tools, combined with our expert insight and guidance, help you build your business, whatever stage you’re at.

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